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Сибирские и Невские маскарадные КОТЯТА 

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We have available SIBERIAN kittens  

(without NEVA in pedigree) traditional colors 

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June 2017

On our web-site has been added a photo album of our Siberian male Triumph. More Photos of our boy you can be seen here.

April 2017

05 april 2017

On our web-site has been added a photo album of our young Siberian female Hloya, black classic tabby with white (Hloya of Tavaloga SIB n2203). More Photos of our girl you can be seen here.

04 April 2017

 On our web-site has been added A photo album Our breeding Siberian female - Freya of Tavaloga SIB ns24. MORE Photos can be seen here.

March 2017



28 march 2017 


A new page

has been added to the website -


"Our Graduates 2015-2016"

New photos of the graduate of the TAVALOGA cattery, the Nevsky Masquerade Alter-Male Zhean-Valjan of Tavaloga SIBn2133. Brother our breeding girl Zhenevieve Of Tavaloga. Zhean will soon be 2 years old.

12 March 2017

Our cats have been tested for viral diseases, excellent test results you can see on this page.


February 2017

On our web site has been added New photos of our chic young Siberian cat, red mackerel color Boss of Russkaya Zabava for Tavaloga SIBd23. More photos you can see here.

On our web site added new photos of my favorite, brutal Neva Masquerade cat,

color seal-tabby-point - Zhenevieve Of Tavaloga SIB n2133. She will be 2 years old in April. More photos you can see here.

January 2017

28-29 January Pushkino Moscow Reg.

Exhibition ICU system  "College Week-end" club "Elite Cats Club"

Our graduate, siberian female traditional color

Dar'yana-ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga debuted in the adult class.


AB Ring - 1, 2, 4, 5 place = TOP4 Adult

SP-LH Adult Ring - 3rd place

Champion Congress Ring - 2nd place

Forest Congress Ring - 1st place

Show Siberian cats - 2nd place

At the end of the exhibition was awarded a special prize "Choice Gold".

Congratulations Olga Baranova with the first successes of our adult class Daryasha. Native cattery TAVALOGA  happy and proud for our graduate!

19 January 2017  (Norway)

Hooray! We got the first photo greetings from Norway from our graduates, Siberian female traditional black-spotted color  - Veresk Line * RU Grigoriya of Tavaloga SIBn24. Our Grisha 7 months old and she is just amazing good! Thank you very much to her owner Elin for the lovely photo stunning Siberian baby, we are pleased to observe the development of Grisha, she met our expectations.